SMS Bulk Messaging

If you have a large list of clients, customers or friends you want to communicate with instantly, you can’t beat SMS Bulk Messaging. Delivery is immediate and almost everyone reads text messages straight away, so your communications are sure to get through. SMS Bulk Messaging is a great way to send out announcements, promotions or special deals instantly with the confidence that your message is being seen.

EziTxt’s SMS Bulk Messaging platform is low cost and allows you to set up an instant campaign or to schedule and send messages for the future in just a few simple steps. You can even use SMS Bulk Messaging to set up keyword campaigns, e.g. send the word “SPECIAL” to 226 to receive a discount code, and keep your clients and customers up to date in an engaging two-way manner via TXT. Of course you also have the ability to manage different lists of contacts for different types of campaign to make sure you can keep your SMS messages relevant to your target audience.

Try EziTxt’s SMS Bulk Messaging platform for free today and experience a better way to keep in touch with all of your important contacts and clients.

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